Collaborating Across Team Boundaries

No team is an island. Even widely cross-functional and highly autonomous teams need to collaborate with various partners inside the organization to fulfill their mission. Here are some ideas I’ve come across over the years, that might be useful in your organization. - Tobias


Social gatherings


Physical Workplace

Digital Workplace

Working Agreements

Collaborations (Larman/Vodde)

Interaction Patterns (Skelton/Pais)

“Team-API” (Skelton/Pais)

Tobias Fors
Tobias Fors is a consultant and trainer for tech intensive organizations. With 20 years of experience from operative and consultative roles, he helps modern leaders take the next step in their organization's agile improvement journey. Tobias Fors is a Certified Scrum Trainer with the Scrum Alliance and founder of Holifant AB. Motto: Deliver and Learn!